My artistic practice reviews the tropical landscape; specifically, the Caribbean tropics. I was born and raised in Venezuela, where nature is rich, wild and exuberant. Raising myself surrounded by this landscape had a deep impact on me. Working with this topic is a way of understanding, looking at and relating to reality.

I use different techniques and materials to build an artistic language about the beauty and complexity of the tropical nature. My technique uses different supports like installation, painting, wall sculpture, collages -in paper and canvas-, with materials like acrylic paint, ink, spray, markets, acrylic and wood sheets.

The process of my work generally starts from observing and living directly with nature. I make sketches that are based on the rhythms of plants and water, their infinite shapes and lines; flowers, trees, leaves, waterfalls, skies, are part of my creative process. I'm interested in light, the color of the tropics and how it transforms everything in its path.

Artists like Georgia O’Keefe and Beatriz Milhazes are my inspiration. Places like the rainforests of Venezuela, the water of the Caribbean islands and the Miami skies are some sources of ideas, but also the tropical garden, where it is an attempt to tame wild vegetation. My years teaching Latin American Art philosophy, gave me the theoretical knowledge to later give shape to my artistic practice. The variety of my works seeks to know and love the diversity of the tropical landscape.

This immense, fertile vegetation……. seems without end. Sometimes a garden, sometimes hell. Tropical.

Ana Vanessa Urvina